SportyPool is here
Become a SportyPool amateur and connect your NFT to the game here.
9,99$ per year
For the first 10,000 NFTs worldwide only
3 months before the start of SportyPool v.2.0.
Be among the first at the top.
Start connection
After payment you will be redirected to the Telegram chat with our manager, send us the link to your NFT (we recommend using OpenSea or Binance). We will then connect it with the SportyPool Games. Your NFT will be featured in tournaments and challenges where you can popularize it and increase the value.
Connection in progress
Our manager oversees the process of connecting each NFT, and we keep you informed. Please be patient, everything is done manually before launching the updated version.
Increase the visibility of your NFT with SportyPool and sell it at a higher price on marketplaces (recommend OpenSea, Binance). If you want to connect more NFTs, please create an additional order.
Only before launch