We create value for NFT and buy it ourselves.
If you have NFT on the OpenSea or Binance and if NFT worth 0 or some money buy NFT Lift and earn money: Connection of your NFT to the SportyPool MetaGame forever + promotion in our community to use in our game (>4000 users) + online campaigns (>100.000 views)
NFT Lift 1 NFT
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NFT Lift 5 NFT
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  • After payment click Continue, you will be redirected to the corresponding Telegram chat to begin work.
  • Send to the chat Token ID and Contract address of your NFT and wait our response (24h).
  • You will be able to showcase your NFT to tens of thousands of users if you play with your NFT in SportyPool and win.
  • We are preparing a campaign where we will be buying NFT randomly. Be among the first whose NFT we will be able to purchase.